Amphetamine Reptile EP out NOW
Posted: June 7, 2014

Yep. If feels like years in the making but we’re pretty darn happy to have this EP out now.

Cover Image
Remember there’s two versions…

The American edition comes with artwork by HAZE XXL which is a pressing of 300 on red/black/white vinyl. You can get it from the AMREP site: These are available now.

The Australian edition comes with artwork by No Anchor drummer Alex (the one above) which is a pressing of 200 copies on red/black vinyl. Head over to No Anchor’s BANDCAMP page to nab a copy. These will pop up Sunday morning… as in now!

…and for the ultra keen, we will also have on the No Anchor Bandcamp page a couple of deluxe versions which are handmade by Alex with original prints of the artwork.

If you are in Australia you can walk into the fine establishments of Polyester Records in Fitzroy Melbourne, Rocking Horse Records and Tym Guitars in Brisbane and purchase a copy of the 10inch over the counter.

It’s been a great project working with Tom Hazelmyer on this. We hope you dig it.


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New No Anchor out on Amphetamine Reptile
Posted: May 18, 2014

Ahhh life on holiday’s… It’d be great if it was true.

A while back No Anchor teamed up with US label Amphetamine Reptile (go check their catalogue, it’ll blow your mind) with the plans of doing an Ep. This led to us actually collaborating with the man behind the label Tom Hazelmyer and so now we have some new songs and Tom features on them.

And now we’re ready to birth a new 10inch slab of vinyl…


Here’s a taste of what’s inside…



Just to confuse matters, there’s two versions of the Ep. The Australian version (above) with artwork by Alex and a US version with artwork by HAZE XXL (below). Both are limited pressings.



The first copies will be making their way to Alex’s solo art exhibition opening this Friday in Melbourne at The Old Bar in Fitzroy. Alex will have a small amount with him and the rest will be available sometime soon online.

Alex will also have original No Anchor artwork on show and for sale, so be sure to go check it out.

Old Bar ART Poster

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Clowning Around One More Time
Posted: November 14, 2013

After years of self-releasing albums and infrequent touring, Brisbane’s NO ANCHOR is about to call-time on the project. Officially described as an ‘indefinite hiatus’, the reality is pretty simple: vocalist/bass-guitarist Ian Rogers now lives and works in Melbourne and the band have no new songs to play.

Never ones to rely on former glories (already in short supply), the band have instead decided to close up shop until Rogers comes to his senses. This may take a while. He’s pretty stubborn. The band’s ‘final’ show will be at Crowbar on Sat Nov 30th alongside Melbourne’s Clowns who will be launching their debut album (out through Posion City Records), Speedlab and Release The Hounds. It’ll be a dirt cheap $10.




While no one in the band can really skate anymore (Alex was average at best in his early 20s), everyone inthe band thinks that Clowns brand of skatepunk is pretty cool. So when you come along to Crowbar on the 30th you could win this one-off No Anchor skateboard that Alex has handmade. Of course he might try it out first once it has wheels on it. But then again he probably shouldn’t – he’d just break his leg or something stupid.




…and remember, whenever possible always try to eat a curry half way through one of your songs!

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