Still Alive & Kicking
Posted: August 3, 2015

It’s been a while. Don’t worry though, you haven’t missed much! Well, you might have missed a few things. Let’s recap for a moment…

Alex’s other band Grieg released their debut full length LP called Retaliate First. It’s 12 chunks of weird metal, faster than No Anchor and with 100% more blazing guitar solos.

Donnie, started a new project called Forevr and they have a release called Demonstration. It’s all up in that showgaze vibe. You know, all the beautiful noise.

And at the other end of Oz, Ian had been whooping it up on guitar with Shaking Hell. That is until he realised he had become a dad and as such has turned his attention to ruling at that ever since.

As for No Anchor… well that top bloke over in the US, Haze XXL put out his latest volume of his seminal compilation Dope Guns & Fucking In The Streets. It is Volume 13 and featured No Anchor on it as well as Feedtime, Useless Children, Big Business and a whole bunch more. You’d think making it as a triple seven-inch vinyl release would be crazy and it was. The damn thing still went and sold out in minutes. We’d have tried to sell you some but they vanished just too damn quick. Haze however has gone and pressed up a bunch of CD versions of the comp (cause kids these days can’t cope with flipping vinyl every four minutes). He also sent a couple of copies our way. Woohoo!

Go get it from over on our BANDCAMP page…

DG&FITS Vol.13

No Anchor has hit the practice room one or twice so far this year and actually have plans to be productive very soon. As in all go to Tym Guitars in a few weeks time and watch Brisbane legends Budd play for the first time in years. Chance are we’ll be taking notes too. Until then go get some new noise in your earhole!

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